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SMART Fence - Innovative Perimeter Protection System


SMART Fence is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System based on advanced FBG sensors embedded in sensor cable mounted on fence.

Optical fibre embedded with FBG (Fibre Bragg Grating) sensors are used to detect intrusion. In this system, FBG is the ‘sensor’, not the fibre-optic cable as in the case of other fibre-sensor systems. Having multiple sensing-points in the system allows to the system to be more accurate and with plenty of room for customisation.

The fence’s sensors work like a colour-selective mirror, with each sensor reflecting a specific colour back to the system under normal conditions. Any type of intrusion will affect the steady state and change the colour of the sensor that is reflected back to the system.

Key Advantages

Speedy & Easy Deployment
Extremely Low False Alarm
Pinpointing Intrusion Location
High Probability of Detection
Limited training required - simple and easy to use
Thermal upgrade option for retrofit
Dual laser with red dot for day combat available

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