Force Protection

Products protecting those who protect us. Highest quality product range covering items such as body armour, night vision, IED jamming systems,vest/shields and lasers.

Core competences

Originally Meritis build up it’s competence in the personal ballistic protection such as vests, plates and shields.
Over the years we have selected a set of core products which have a clear unique selling point and allow us to differentiate us against competition.
Meritis employees have a broad experience in setting up and executing projects.
In combination with our technical background (CNC machines, optics and lasers, special fibers, glass and steel) and the tactical knowledge we can support our clients in various projects. We are able to take over the responsibility for a sub project or the whole program management

Selection criteria

Outstanding price – performance ratios
Excellent manufacturer in terms of quality and delivery
The products are mainly made in Switzerland or at least in Europe.
The focus is always to match the demand on the battle field with the best products available in the market.