Drone defence

One of the biggest issues for Critical Infrastructure are Mini Drones which are violating privacy, reconnoitring security measures and will be a lethal threat, once enabled to carry explosives (e.g. with C4 composite). Meritis developed with its technical partners specialized drone defence products to cover Detection, Identification and Countermeasures. From a simple portable system up to a full integrated system with radar and camera.

Areas of active ECM

Ground station to SAT Link -Up-Link can be jammed if you are in the same region (beam)

SAT to Drone Link - Down-Link, Drone to SAT-Link - Up-Link, Ground station to Drone Link -Up-Link, GPS to Drone Link - GPS Jamming

Main Features

The most common frequencies will be jammed such as 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, 900 MHz, 868 MHz plus GPS signal

The operating mode is reactive which has a superior performance to just active jamming systems

Product range Drone (UAV) Defence

Portable System: RTX-300P2/RTX-800P6
Mobile system, car mounted: RTX-2000M6
Stationary system, RTX-3000X
Radar SR-9000S
Camera System SC-1000T / SC-1500T