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Meritis Integrated Drone Defence Systems


One of the biggest issues for critical infrastructure are Mini Drones which are violating privacy, reconnoitring security measures and are a lethal threat, being enabled to carry explosives (e.g. with C4 composite) and guns.
The application areas are very flexible - we will have for each single problem either a standard or a tailor made solution.

Superior Technology

The system operates with reactive technology which has a superior performance to only active systems - the range of jamming can be up to 10 times higher comparing to only active systems.

Our system has a sensor unit observing the traffic on the pre-defined frequencies. Within milliseconds the system intercepts the whole traffic including encoded signals with the full available power. A system only operating with an active mode has to split the overall power capabilities.

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Modular Integrated System

All products of the Meritis Drone Defence Systems family are designed to be modularly integrated depending on customer requirements.
Jamming Systems
Detection / Identification Systems
Integrated Systems

Drone Detection Radar


Acoustic Drone Detection


Camera Systems

SC-1000T / SC-1500T

Portable Drone Jamming Systems

RTX-300P2 / P6

Mobile Drone Jamming System


Stationary Drone Jamming System


Mobile Command & Control Cube


Optional Equipment: Portable Drone "Gun"

Sky Cleaner

Integrated Command & Control Unit SW

C2U Dashboard
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Taking Control

The solutions to take control over the potential threat depend on the risk scenario, the perimeter to protect and the forces in charge.
Meritis Integrated Drone Defence Systems are designed to cover the tactical approach drone detection, drone identification and drone disruption.
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