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Personal Protection - Vests

Designed in Switzerland, Manufactured in Europe. Meritis designed a new product family of ballistic vests, from a pure plate carrier to a VIP vest up to the tactical vest following the concept of light weight design and manufacturing by using the best fibres available on the market.
A full range of high performance Materials and different Options is provided by this covert vest. The ballistic pack can be fitted into a tactical or overt carrier to convert this concealed undergarment into an overt outerwear bullet proof vest.
first responder missions are available as well.

Personal Protection - Plates

The new comprehensive plate range from Meritis comprises 4 different plates (Level III+ and Level IV / ICW and SA), each with its own unique construction and characteristics. The plates are offered as either in conjunction with (ICW), to be used with soft armour, or as standalone plate (SA) to be used with the Meritis plate carrier.

Infrastructure Armour (Door, Room, Marine)

Door/Room Armour

The most effecient way to armour rooms and doors- with the Meritis lightweight plate.  With our flexible system a room can be armoured within a few days

Marine Armour

The most efficient way to armour speed boats and yachts - with the Meritis lightweight plate - fully waterproof
The plates are sealed and therefore waterproof - a must for all marine solutions to ensure constant protection.

To balance costs and benefits we recommend armouring the key areas such as the bridge and the engine area. A combination of the Meritis plate and steel can be an option in case of further flexibility of the overall weight.

Personal Protection - Shields

The new comprehensive shield range from Meritis comprises 4 different shields, each with its own unique construction and characteristics. A light weight level III-A hard armour shield, a flexible and foldable level III-A blanket, a level III+ shield up to the level IV shield. The shields are manufactured with a monolithic antiballistic core supported with high performance backing system designed and assembled by use of the most weight saving anti-ballistic materials. All the shields can be manufactured custom made. Special Shields sizes for first responder missions are available as well.

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